Where does U R ★ happen?

U R   is performed in an apartment. 

Where is this apartment?

It is in midtown Manhattan on the west side above a very cool theatre space.

 What happens when I get there?

 You and the rest of the audience will be met by someone who will bring you upstairs. 

 But who is finkle?

Good question.

What is the running time?

The experience takes about 95 minutes.

Wait, I’m still not entirely sure what U R ★ is.  Can you explain what it is?

Its better if you come into the experience without knowing too much.   

 Ok, but why is it only for 6 people?

U R STAR is designed to be an extremely intimate experience between audience and artist.    The scale of the project (the actual size of the graphic novel) is only large enough for 6 people to view comfortably.

 Is this appropriate for children?

No.  The graphic novel is precisely that a very “graphic” visual novel. 

 Am I going to have to participate?

Yes but not in a performative way.  The experience is driven by the audience’s relationship to each other and the material.

 I don’t know what that means.

You have to come to the experience to find out.